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Welcome to the paradise of celebrities escort in Chennai. If you dream to satisfy your sex urges through a celebrity, we can fulfill the desire. Our celebrity escort service in Chennai is only available for business people, politicians, and high-class people of the societies.


How to hire an elegant actresses escorts service in Chennai.

If you want to have sexual pleasure from a celebrity actress, you must have an affair with her. But for an ordinary person, it is not always possible. Only a few rich and handsome people can only have such connections to impress the actress to have sex.

Although you can easily hire a beautiful actress through our escort agency, you must have a few qualities that I have explained below.

Firstly, celebs are not readily available, and they give appointments to a few clients who are ready to pay a high amount, So you should also need to pay higher than others.

Secondly, actresses prefer to meet only groomed persons with rich looks, good posture, impressive personality, and good attitude. If she realizes you are getting annoying or not respectful, she may leave the service. So during the sex, be polite and enjoy the moments slowly.

Lastly, you have to select the genuine Chennai escort agency that can bring an actress for you. Celebrity actresses are not readily available, and they have a contract with very few escort agencies in Chennai. So only contact an agency like us capable of bringing actresses to you for elegant erotic service.

However, these days many fake agencies are also operating in the market. Initially, they commit to providing celebrity escorts, but they don’t even have a model escort and deliver ordinary escort models in reality.  So it would be best if you are cautious during the avail of a celebrity escort service from any regular escort agency. Hire only from reputed, well-established, and authentic escort agencies such as Chennaiqueens and Pooja Kaur.

best celebrities
best celebrities

Explore the companionship of celebrities in Chennai.

Chennai is the city of businesspeople. These elegant people love to have premium escort service and care. You will get many celebrities from various fields in this city, but the TV and cinema actresses commonly join the escort service industry.

Being the No.1 escort service provider in Chennai, we also offer Mallu, Malayalam, Kannad, and Many more exclusive celebrities from other fields.

Our every celebrity escort service in Chennai is capable of tasting you a unique experience. Every celebrity has some uniqueness and some positive and negative points based on your own choice and preference; you may book any of them. For example, if you like a busty South Indian celebrity actress, hire accordingly or any TV serial actress, then hire her only.

However, if you like any actress from the Bollywood industry, kindly inform us a few days before arranging one for you.

Chennai also has many homegrown celebrity angels, you can ask us for your own choice, and we will fulfill your dream by presenting her in front of you.

top celebrities
top celebrities

Our escort agency provides a pocket-friendly celebrity escort service rate in Chennai.

Hiring a celebrity model for an escort service in Chennai is very expensive. That is why middle-class gentlemen dream of hiring a celebrity most of the time but cannot hire any of them. The elegant people mostly enjoy the premium class celebrity escort. However, the experience and luxuries justify the cost.

Actresses desire to meet their clients only in five-star rated hotels, and the booking should be for a minimum of four to five hours.

Kindly check the general rates of celebrity escort services in Chennai.

  • Four hours: Rs. 80,000
  • Eight hours: Starting from Rs. 150,000
  • Whole night: Starting from Rs. 200,000

Kindly check our escort service categories.

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