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Sex positions

Importance of sex positions

The right sex positions enhance the sex experience and satisfy the partner. There are many sex positions that people are trying through the ancient ages. But only a few are very useful and popular that you can exercise and enjoy with your partner. Trying a new sex position opens the doors of erotic imagination and provides you mental satisfaction because you feel good with your partner. Our Chennai escort models are experts in all the popular sex positions. So, you can enjoy yourself with them freely.

sex positions
sex positions

Types of sex positions you may try with a Chennai escort

Here we are mentioning a few significant sex positions that you may try with the Chennai escort model and enjoy the fullest:

Cowgirl sex position

This sex position allows the female partner to dominate the male partner. Here female perter sits on the male partner, and because of that, she feels responsible and controls the entire session. Most of the time, sexually active females like this sex position stimulate the G-Spot very well. This sex position is very famous as a riding position because the female partner rides on her male partner as a Cowgirl. Dominating women who want to control everything love the sex position because it allows them to control speed and penetration angle.

Face-off sex position

This position allows you to see each other during intimacy. You can perform this position everywhere such as, on a bed, on a couch, or in a chair. To perform the sex position, you have to sit on the edge of the bed or sofa; she must sit on your lap facing you. After that, wrap each other through arms, and once in position, she should slowly jump on the penis by using her legs or knees. The male partner may support her by pushing her up. The sex-position is very exciting and our all the client try this sex position with the Chennai call girls.

Doggy sex position

It is one of the most famous sex positions. Doggy style means sex like a dog, where the male partner is placed behind the female partner and inserts his penis into her vagina or anus. This position is for the male partner, here it gives total control, and the female partner feels the punch behind. This style is for deep penetration, and at the same time, the male partner should be careful as the female partner may get hurt. But the prime advantage of doggy sex position is you can perform anywhere.

CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) sex position

The CAT sex position mainly highlights the clitoral stimulation. It is very convenient and one of the old sex techniques. It provides the couple a feeling of togetherness. In this sex position, the male partner lies over the female partner and wraps the whole body.

Types of Coital Alignment Technique

  • Reverse Cow
  • Reclining Chiller
  • Sitting on Pillow Top

Lazy girl sex position

According to the sexologist, the best sex positions are the easiest ones because you can focus on enjoying the act. If you are exhausted or not feeling horny doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sex. The sex position doesn’t need much energy—or even much body motion. Anyone can enjoy it during sleepy midnight or lazy Sunday morning.

Contact Chennai Escort to try various sex positions

Contact Chennai escort service if you are visiting Chennai and looking for a call girl to get sexual pleasure tonight through various sex positions. We need a chance to serve you, and we believe you will be impressed by our premium quality Chennai escort service. Because of our service, we have become the best independent escort provider in Chennai. Our escort service in Chennai is open 24/7 for you.

contact chennai escort to try various sex positions
Contact Chennai escort to try various sex positions

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