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Things to do before Dating an Escort

It doesn’t matter who your date is or where you’ve met her, and good hygiene is vital when you’re planning a hot date with a Chennai escort. So, darlings, respect yourself and the dating ladies by following the proper things to do before Dating an Escort to groom yourself. The Chennai escort will surely be grateful, and you’ll be seen as a very attentive client.

Take your dating game to the next level and turn yourself into a real hunk by positively answering these four straightforward questions: Do you look dapper?; Is your touch soft?; Do you smell fresh?; Is your breath minty?

If the answer is yes to all the questions above, then you’re ready to go and meet the escort that is going to blow your mind and make you shiver with lust, if, on the contrary, your answer is no, then you must go through our list of suggestions, mentioned below!

Things to do before Dating an Escort
Things to do before Dating an Escort

Things to do before Dating an Escort: Moisturize yourself

Moisturize! Yes, you’ve heard it right; moisturizing is not a word invented only for the ladies. Your touch must make her tremble with a desire, not with disgust. So, keep your face, lips, hands, and feet well hydrated. This way, you will score tonight!

Less is better! Don’t bathe in cologne, and try to limit yourself to a single scent. Why do we say that? Simple, because all the products you’re using are heavily scented – the shampoo, the conditioner, the soap, the shaving cream, the hair gel, and so on. So, try choosing products with less perfume and use a good quality cologne instead. This way, you’ll be yummy in the eyes of your date.

A bad breath can ruin fantastic sex! Yes, having a minty fresh breath is imperial, especially if you want a girlfriend experience. So, keep it fresh, brush your teeth and use mouth wash when you can’t touch or floss.

Say NO to greasy hair, rumpled shirt, or uncut nails because those can turn off a lady in a heartbeat, and don’t think that just because you’re , she can’t bail on you and refuse to date you. Yeah, she gets to do that if you look messy and lack hygiene. So, take a shower, wash your hair, clip your nails, put on some cologne, and you’ll have a more than satisfying escort experience!

Things to do before Dating an Escort: Clip and Trim

Nobody wants to see the long nail you have on your pinkie, get hypnotized by your nose hair when you’re talking, or feel your ear hairs when nibbling on your earlobe, so get rid of the extra hair and turn the trimmer and the clipper into your best friends!

The Chennai escorts always prefer less body hair. So, keep your family jewels nice and hair-free, and you’ll have the ladies go down on your way often.

Things to do before Dating an Escort: Proper Shower and Shave

Always shower before a hot date and use a less scented shower gel if you plan to use a solid and intense perfume. If you have a big date, avoid using creamy deodorants and apply body spray instead. Body spray will help you avoid the awful clumps of deodorant stuck in the folds of your armpit.

Also, make a routine out of shaving! Start by using an exfoliating scrub. This way, you’ll have fewer ingrown hairs, use nourishing shaving cream, use a good razor to reduce irritation and redness, and complete the circle by applying an aftershave balm that will moisturize your skin, making it perfectly kissable!

The last thing to do before Dating an Escort is manscaping your balls!

Start by cutting the excess hair off by using a pair of scissors. This way, the access to the desired look is more accessible. After the trimming process is complete, apply shaving gel. Use shaving gel instead of other products because it protects your skin more efficiently and offers extra nourishment.

Use the free hand to lift and stretch the extra skin to avoid getting caught under the razor blade and start shaving. Go from the balls up, rinse the edge frequently, and gently press the blade too much on the skin.

When the shaving process is complete, avoid using lotions containing alcohol; instead, use an aftershave balm to cool down the rash and hydrate the skin.

Follow our advice, mentioned in “Things to do before Dating an Escort,” and you will have the most memorable escort dates of your life! The ladies will be excited about dating you, and the service list will expand!

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